Gary Flowers - President
Ross Flowers - Vice President
A.J. Flowers - Quality Manager
Carla Chiles - Office Manager
Shain Townsend - Rig Sales and Hardbanding
Charles Prochazka - Office Sales

We are located in Alice, Tx. off of S. U.S. Highway 281. We presently employ over 80 people. Our mission is to please our customer and deliver the best service possible. Safety is a major concern in our plant, and we strive for excellence.

Our History: Our first machine shop opened by W.L. Flowers was in Robstown, Tx. in 1936. Being extremely progressive and always looking to the future, Mr. Flowers established the A & W Tool Co. in Benavides, Tx. in 1937. Then to Orange Grove where the W.L. Flowers Machine & Welding Co. started in 1940. Five years later, the plant was moved to Alice, Tx. and many facilities added. 

 Mr. Flowers, now deceased, left a reputation and legend behind him that anyone could be proud of. Those of you who remember him as a great machinist will also recall that he was quite a hunter and fisherman. His reputation throughout this industry was that of a fair dealer. 

 You will find that his heirs, who are now operating the company, keep striving to the utmost to live up to and carry on the tradition left by their father. 

 It can truly be said that he was a great and good man.

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